When struggling to get the 2014 Farm Bill passed Chairwoman Debbie
Stabenow referred to it as "the Farm Bill from hell". At that time
Democrats controlled the Senate and the Executive Branch of government
and Republicans controlled the Senate.

It was finally passed and sent to President Obama after three years
of stops and starts. The struggle pitted urban interests who were
interested in the feeding programs, primarily what was known as food
stamps, against the rural interests who were interested in protecting
crop insurance, which is about the income support program left for

For the first time in approximately 45 years I will be watching from
the sidelines. This includes the time I spent working as general
counsel of the the Senate Agriculture Committee and in private
practice beginning in 1978.

The American Association of Crop Insurers, which I founded in 1980 now
has a new law firm and lobbying team, and I am retired from full time
practice. However, I am free to comment on the process, and will
appreciate hearing from old friends at my new address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.