After the South Carolina primary vote, Tom Steyer, a self made billionaire, pulled out. That leaves only Mike Bloomberg, who has both the resources and the expertise to win enough electoral votes to defeat Donald Trump. He is the only Democrat who can win the Presidency of our great nation.

When Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 he did so although she won almost 3 million more popular votes than he did. However, he did win more electoral votes than she did. Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire who will not make the same mistake. He understands the importance of winning the “flyover states” such as North and South Dakota, which have only 3 electoral votes per state.

Also, Trump has taken credit for building a strong economy. That has been undermined by the collapse of the economy because of the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders is leading in the number of Democratic delegates thus far. If he is the Democratic nominee it would ensure the re-election of Donald Trump.

Mike McLeod is an author who has actively participated in four Presidential campaigns. Not all of them were winning campaigns, so he is keenly aware of the mistakes that can be made.

Michael R. McLeod