Once again, Bob Woodward , associate editor of the Washington Post, has done a masterful job of reporting on an America President. His first book was “All The President’s Men”. It tells how, as young police reporters he and Carl Bernstein reported on a break-in of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office building in Washington, DC.

This scandal would come to be know as Watergate. A long series of hearings in a room next to my offices in the Senate Agriuculture Committee would be know as the Watergate Hearings. The hearing room of my offices was used as a holding room for witnesses who had been subpoenaed, as well as their attorneys. I got to see them often. One witness was John Dean, the guy who blew the whistle on Richard Nixon. He was represented by Bob McCandless, who was an Oklahoma friend of JD Williams and mine.

John Dean was again in the news because he testified last week in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh for a position on the Supreme Court. He warned that the confirmation of Kavanaugh would lead to the “most presidential-powers friendly” Supreme Court of the modern age.

Over the years Bob Woodward has covered every American President. He gets people to talk on “deep background”, which means he will not quote them. He has as much or more credibility than any reporter I know. His book is bad news for Donald Trump and his minions.

Michael R. McLeod