With the federal government shut down for the rest of 2018, hundreds of thousands of public employees will be furloughed without pay. With Donald Trump’s hard line insistence on getting 5  billion dollars to build his wall to keep out Hispanics,  there is not enough money to pay Federal workers.

This is reminiscent of a stunt pulled by Congressman Newt Gingrich 23 years ago when he moved to shut down the government. This tactic was opposed  by Tip O’Neill was the Speaker of the House. It paved the way for Gingrich to become Speaker when the Republicans gained control of the House in 1994.

However, Gingrich had his own ethics problems and had to resign from  Congress in 1999. Gingrich has not given up on being a leader. In 2016, he threw his weight behind Donald Trump in an effort to become Trump’s  running mate. However Trump was smarter than that. If only Trump was also smart enough to learn from Gingrich’s bad experience in shutting down the government.

Michael R. McLeod