One of my earlier blogs stated that we would have to depend on the FBI, Department of Justice, to do the job of the CFTC. My apologies to the CFTC.

I said this because on December 14, 2018, only one month after the collapse of OptionSellers, I received a letter from a woman on the official letterhead of the FBI, Department of Justice. It said that she was a Victim Specialist and understood that I was a victim of a financial crime. However, I have not heard from this lady since.since that time. I may have talked to her only once since that letter was sent to me. When I try to communicate with her I get no response.

At least the CFTC is responsive to its Congressional oversight committee, the Senate Agriuculture Committee. That is the committee where I served as the young General Counsel when we drafted and got through Congress the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act of 1974.

Michael R. McLeod