The hearing today at the Senate Judiciary Committee (September 4) on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh is the most polarized I have ever witnessed. The senators were yelling at each other. Citizens in the audience were yelling and had to be ushered out by the Capitol Police.  My old friend Chairman Chuck Grassley had a hard time trying to maintain order.

The US Senate has been the most civil of all political bodies. I worked for and with members of the Senate my entire career. My old mentor Senator Robert C Byrd of West Virginia must be rolling over in his grave. He would work patiently with Republicans as well as his fellow Democrats to maintain civility in the Senate.

I talked about Senator Byrd in my previous book “The Death of Civility and Common Sense”. I will do so again in the sequel to this book. The elephant in the room was President Trump. He has poisoned the political climate in the nation so badly that nothing gets done. This is what what my friend John McCain said before he died in August.