This morning I awakened to the news that we lost another of the men who Tom Brokaw described as “The Greatest Generation”. This was a book that described the generation who fought in the second World War and then returned home to become productive citizens. Bush was 94 years of age.

I had two uncles, David Ramsey and Richard Ramsey, who also served in this war and returned to be very productive citizens. They would never talk about what they did in this war, but I know that they were foot soldiers who served in the Normandy invasion.

I never had the chance to get to know Bush personally, but when I did meet him I could tell that he was a good man by looking into his eyes. Bush served only one term as President, but his son George W. Bush served two terms.

I did get to know other members of this generation, such as Senators George McGovern, Bob Dole, and Daniel Inouye. Senator Dole is still alive at age 95. He uses a wheel chair but his mind is still good.

We owe a lot to this greatest generation.

Mike McLeod