As I related in my book “The Death of Civility and Common Sense” I learned early in my career as the general counsel of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry it is necessary to accommodate urban interests in order to pass a multi billion dollar farm bill.

My old boss Senator Herman Talmadge pointed out most members of the House of Representatives don’t have a commercial farm in their district. Despite that obvious fact, the Republican members of the House Agriculture Committee tried to pass a  farm bill without a food stamp (now known as the SNAP Program) in it. The Senate under then Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow twice passed a farm bill with a food stamp title in it. However it was not passed the House.

This is why Stabenow referred to the 2014 Farm Bill as “the farm bill from helll”. Finally a compromise between the Democratic controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House was reached. The food stamp program as well as the farm program was reauthorized.

This is happeneing again in 2018. The House has rejected the farm bill by a vote  of 213-198. In addtion to solid Democratic opposition, There was a split between the moroe moderate wing of the Republican and the tea party movement or "freedom caucus".

This sorry spectacle of Congressional failure will be a subject my updated book  on "The Death of Civility and Common Sense" which should be published later this year.